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Confirming a luxury tax account number

You can use this search to verify that a business is registered for the Luxury Tax program for a subject item according to section 50(3) of the Select Luxury Items Tax Act.

It can take up to 30 calendar days for the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) to update its records after receiving the registration form.

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What you need to know before using the Luxury Tax Account Search

To conduct a search, you will need a luxury tax account number and business name from the registered vendor.

Luxury tax account number

You will need a luxury tax business number. Example: 123456789LT0001.

Luxury tax business name

You will need the luxury tax account's legal name.

Type of luxury item

You will need to indicate which type of subject item is being sold (aircraft, vessel, or vehicle).


The search will display information that is in CRA records as of today's date. Therefore, the date will default to the current date.

You can enter a past date to confirm if the account was registered for the type of luxury item at that time.

The date cannot be in the future.

Terms and conditions of use

If you are using an older browser that does not support the latest security standard, you will be unable to access this service.

Information on the Luxury Tax Account Search is as up-to-date as CRA records.

The CRA is not responsible for losses or damages that result from your use of the Luxury Tax Account Search. This includes:

Use the Luxury Tax Account Search only to validate the luxury tax number of a business and the type of good they are registered for. Any commercial reproduction of the search results is strictly prohibited.

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