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CEWS Registry

The "View full list of employers" functionality is temporarily unavailable. You can continue to search for corporations by searching a business name or number.

Use the CEWS Registry below to search for employers who have received or will soon receive the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS). To protect the privacy of individuals, only corporations will be disclosed.

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Information for employees

If you have reason to believe a CEWS applicant is misusing the subsidy, you can report suspicious activities to the CRA by submitting a lead to the Leads ProgramNote: this link will load in another window or tab.

CEWS Registry Information
  • The CEWS registry allows you to search the legal name, operating/trade name or business number of a corporation that has been approved for the CEWS.
  • If a corporation has applied for and has received or will soon receive the CEWS, the legal name and operating/trade name listed for that corporation will appear in the search results. The business number will not be visible, even if it was entered in the search.
  • The Canada Revenue Agency will continuously update the CEWS registry with corporations that have been approved for the subsidy.
  • Due to processing times, CEWS repayments may require additional time to be reflected in the CEWS registry.
  • The CEWS registry ONLY includes corporations.
  • The CEWS registry does not include the amount received by a corporation or the periods for which the corporation received the subsidy.
  • An employer in receipt of the CEWS is not obligated to re-hire workers that have been laid off. Employers can decide to apply for the CEWS in respect of only a portion of its workforce depending on their operational needs.
  • The CEWS registry will change over time as applications are received, cancelled or withdrawn, as the CRA determines that some recipients are ineligible upon further review and as feedback on the tool is received.
  • The legal authority to use information for the purposes of the CEWS registry is found in Subsection 241(3.5) of the Income Tax Act which was recently enacted in Bill C-14, COVID-19, Emergency Response Act, No. 2Note: this link will load in another window or tab.

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