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Vivo for Healthier Generations Society — Quick View

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883082117 RR 0001
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Charitable organization

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Reporting period ending: 2015-12-31

Programs and activities:

Ongoing programs: 1. Campus Calgary 'Healthy Living' School sponsored by Cenovus Energy in partnership with the Calgary Board of Education. Over 475 students engaged in experimental, hands-on learning outside the classroom. The program tests and validates new teaching practices, community citizenship and making healthy living an everyday habit in an education setting. 2. Fee Assistance program supported over 1400 children, youth and adults to participate in structured and unstructured play, sport, and active living opportunities. With the Canadian Tire Jumpstart Fee Assistance program over 120 children and youth participated for the first time in life-skill and enrichment programs. 3. Play Ambassadors facilitate spontaneous active play opportunities and provide resources for family bonding in the community. Over 7,000 families are now making a habit of playing in their own backyards.

New programs: 4. Phase 3 of the Child and Youth Action Research Project in collaboration with Mount Royal University launched a 4 in 1 Physical Literacy Program engaging 61 children and their families in a 7 year longitudinal study from Kindergarten to Grade 6 to shift physical activity levels, fundamental movement skills and engagement of families at home and play. 5. The research and innovation arm of our organization conducted discovery sessions focused on shifting our customer experience including identifying key audiences, customer journey mapping, creating supportive environments and co-creating with community to inform the development of new initiatives in 2016. 6. The Raise the Bar Leadership Roundtable 2.0, is a pioneering social sessions, brought together leaders across government and multi-sectors in Alberta to explore new ways of working and measuring together to create and Active City. 7. The Healthy You Program is a 12 week program focused on building better habits by developing an activity routine at home and work, making healthy choices about nutrition and offering strong social support to help people thrive. All program participants have experienced a measurable difference in activity levels, self-esteem and happiness.

Total revenue: $10,416,232.00

Total expenses: $10,008,673.00


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$40,000 to $79,999
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