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Reporting period ending: 2022-08-31

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Ongoing programs: This year represents LetsStopAIDS' fastest growing period to date. As Canada's largest Youth-HIV charity, LetsStopAIDS continued its mission to contribute to the end of the HIV epidemic by raising awareness of HIV among youth while fostering youth leadership. LetsStopAIDS' initiatives were recognized by the Canadian media, with 300+ articles published in online/print newspapers across the country last year. This is the result of LetsStopAIDS' new strategic plan that establishes four main strategic objectives for 2022-2025: (1) Foster partnerships with communities, governments, and the private sector (2) Raise awareness through innovative and creative educational programmes (3) Use new technologies to enhance our operations and reach new audiences (4) Recruit, train, and empower young leaders capable of impacting their own communities. To implement these strategies, our ongoing programmes are: LiveLifeLoving: LiveLifeLoving is an online portal that engages young people to learn about HIV, while sharing information and stories in a safe and open forum. LiveLifeLoving was created to be the first point of contact for everything Youth-HIV related, especially when young people learn about their HIV status. Through videos, blogs and stories, LiveLifeLoving creates unique content to connect local communities in a virtual space. NoTimeToWait: NoTimeToWait gives young people the opportunity to further their knowledge on HIV-related issues and develop the advocacy skills necessary to carry out sustainable initiatives. Participants attend two days of informational sessions, keynote speaker panels, workshops, and networking opportunities centred around HIV, leadership and advocacy skills. The Winning Seed: The Winning Seed Competition is a segment of NoTimeToWait, where contestants propose an initiative that provides a solution or brings awareness to an issue related to HIV. The finalists are invited to present their proposed project at NoTimeToWait, where the winner receives prize money and guidance to help make their project become a reality. Spread Trees, Not AIDS: HIV and climate change are two of the world’s most pressing issues. And those living in poverty are drastically impacted by a changing climate and health challenges such as HIV. Spread Trees, Not AIDS involves tree-planting exercises and community-based HIV workshops in rural communities. It is a sustainable, educational, action-based leadership programme in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

New programs: (1) Sex Lives Report: In June 2022, LetsStopAIDS launched the Sex Lives Report, an annual initiative that aims to better understand the sex lives of Canadian youth and identify the obstacles preventing effective HIV prevention strategies in the country. The report uses data from a nationally representative survey created by LetsStopAIDS and conducted by Angus Reid to provide valuable insights into the sexual behaviours of 18-24-year-olds, including the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on their sexual habits. The report's first edition has been highly successful, gaining significant media attention for its comprehensive analysis of the issue. By shedding light on the challenges facing HIV prevention in Canada, the Sex Lives Report is helping to pave the way for effective strategies to address this critical health issue. (2) P2P Workshops: Our educational workshops have been modernized and have given way to the new P2P Programme. The goal of this programme is to deliver innovative, engaging, and gamified peer (to peer) workshops on sexual health & youth leadership to increase HIV awareness and positively impact the sexual health behavioural practices of young people. We created a unique, immersive and reflective learning experience by adopting the 5E Experience Model (Excitement, Entry, Engagement, Exit, Extension). This framework consists of five phases that engage learners in the learning process. It is designed to promote student-centred and inquiry-based learning. (3) PrEP the Future: PrEP the Future is LetsStopAIDS' International Youth-HIV Leadership Bootcamp. The programme aims to train young leaders from different countries to enhance their organizational and advocacy skills while raising awareness on HIV prevention. Each participant receives training, mentoring, and financial support to organize advocacy campaigns within their countries and communities.

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