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Reporting period ending: 2020-08-31

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Ongoing programs: This year has shown LetsStopAIDS resilience by focusing on both Youth-HIV issues and COVID-19. We are fortunate to have 300+ dedicated volunteers from 20+ countries that let us strive to reach our vision. (1) Information dissemination: Through our website and various social media channels, our recent Pride-related community projects, and awareness workshops, LetsStopAIDS has made information on Youth-HIV issues accessible to everyone. (2) Guest Speaking Engagements & Presentations: offer unique HIV-related presentations to school and community youth groups, nationally. These are either done solely by LetsStopAIDS, or in conjunction with community partner organizations. (3) Educational Events: LetsStopAIDS hosts events such as the 24 Hour Wake which was created with the intention of raising awareness of the greater issues and experiences surrounding HIV. These sessions help break down the stigma and misconceptions associated with HIV and create an opportunity for youth to act locally on a global issue. (4) Educational and Networking Opportunities: LetsStopAIDS collaborates with other community organizations to foster and encourage greater youth presence at conferences, and other knowledge transfer initiatives. (5) LetsStopAIDS continues further development of LiveLifeLoving, an online portal for young people to learn more about HIV.

New programs: (1) In March 2020, before the announcement of the global pandemic, LetsStopAIDS launched HeyCOVID19, a platform dedicated to providing accurate, social media friendly, public health information about COVID-19. HeyCOVID19 was developed in 6 days by 65 volunteers from 13 countries (with $0). (2) LetsStopAIDS will host NoTimeToWait, our inaugural (and Canada’s largest) Youth-HIV Leadership Conference, focusing on Youth-HIV leadership, in November 2020.

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