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Advokate Life & Education Services Society — Quick View

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133318832 RR 0001
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Charitable organization

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Reporting period ending: 2017-09-30

Programs and activities:

Ongoing programs: Advokate Life & Education Services Society is a community based charity whose mission is to promote the inherent worth and dignity of every human being. Advokate achieves its mission through local educational and public awareness initiatives and through practical support for pregnant women. Educational and Public Awareness Initiatives: Distributes free educational materials to community groups and individuals; produces and distributes educational videos; operates a lending library of books, DVDs and other resources that is open to the public 5 days a week; publishes a newsletter 4-5X/yr. for free distribution; provides speakers to schools and local community groups free of charge; hosts educational lectures, debates and events; uses websites and social media to engage the community regarding relevant bioethical issues; produces informational ads and ads offering help and information to women in crisis pregnancies. Practical Support for Pregnant Women: operates two crisis pregnancy centers in Abbotsford and Langley, Hope for Women Pregnancy Services, which provides free pregnancy tests and information to women or girls who may be pregnant; provides free ultrasound referrals; provides information & resources to women suffering from a past abortion; provides free sexual health presentations to local high schools; collects and distributes baby clothes, supplies, and maternity clothes to needy mothers; and operates a 24/7 texting help line.

New programs:

Total revenue: $454,136.00

Total expenses: $405,385.00


  • Total compensation for all positions
  • Full-time employees
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  • Professional and consulting fees
Compensated full-time positions:
$40,000 to $79,999

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