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895830180 RR 0001
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Charitable organization

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Reporting period ending: 2017-03-31

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Ongoing programs: RQHR offers a compregensive range of services in the areas of hospital, emergency, rehabilitation, community, mental health, long-term and continuing care, immunization and primary health care services. These services are deliveared in two tertiary care hospitals and a specialized provincial rehabilitation centre in Regina, along with five other acute care facilities located in Moosomin, Indian Head, Wolseley, Broadview and Fort Qu'Appelle. Thereare 31 region-owned facilities and 11 affiliated longterm care facilities, seven primary health care sites, as well as several public health sites, community health centres, private providers, independent physician offices and private residences.

New programs: -Trained staff in spirometry interpretation to better diagnose and treat patients with COPD. -Seniors House Call Program - services to seniors who are not able to leavetheir homes dueto illness, isolation or lack of support -mplemented centralized referral management (pooled referrals for adult psychiatry. -Established an Antimicrobial Stewardship Program creating an awareness campaign and engaging internal and external stakeholders. -Connecting to Care-patient-centred care program that aims to better meet the needs of patients with complex health issues who repeatedly need hospital services or visit emergency departments -The Early Pregnancy Assessment Centre-provides specialty care to expectantmothers suffering complications during early stages of pregnancy. -Additional medicine bed capacity along with implementation of the Accountable Care Unit model improved patient flow to inpatient units, ensured advancement of care, and reduced the frequency of admit-no-bed patients in the ED.

Total revenue: $1,078,329,788.00

Total expenses: $1,091,648,407.00


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Compensated full-time positions:
$350,000 and over

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