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Reporting period ending: 2018-12-31

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Ongoing programs: Programs for people affected by hardship: There are four programming pillars that include on or more programs each: 1. Relief and Referral: The MHRH mobile outreach van provides essential supplies, hot meals, clothing and referrals to community agencies in support of those living on or newar the streets of Toronto. Staff provide follow up support to address housing, employment, physical, mental health, and addiction challenges. 2. Expressive Arts Programs: Creative arts contest programs to facilitate creative expression, peer connection and new skill development. Contest winners receive cash prizes and the opportunity to have their work featured at public exhibits. 3. Work and Life Skills Training Programs: Combining classroom learning, vocational assessments and individual work with a social worker, programs provide the tools needed for participants to achieve their goals of employment, further education, or regular volunteer work. 4. Paid Work Placement Training Programs: Individuals learn job-specific skills (public speaking, kitchen management, peer support, sales) while earning money, in preparation for the workforce. Programs work seamlessly together to move people from instability to self-sufficiency, providing the tools and support needed to make profound life changes.

New programs: Mobilizing the Community: Ve'ahavta creates a path to grow empathy, responsibility and agency in community members. There are 4 pillars on the path. 1. Community Programming: Community events, workshops and youth programming designed to both raise awareness of the issues and inspire a steady stream of new and future volunteers for the organization. 2. Volunteerism: Programs include hands-on, often front-line volunteer roles for members of the Jewish and broader community. Ranging in frequency and length of service, roles meet the needs and schedules of people of all ages and walks of life including past participants. 3. Leadership: Roles for volunteers to provide expert guidance through program advisory committees, fundraising and finance committees and as members of our Board of Directors. Committees are inclusive, with past participants encouraged to inform program design. 4. Philanthropy: Charity is an important way for people to support our work and make a difference. In addition to individual gifts, self-initiated fundraisers by individuals as well as in-kind events like clothing drives, kit-packing and cooking initiatives provide support as do bequests and legacy gifts.

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Total revenue: $2,612,662.00

Total expenses: $2,626,403.00


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