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Reporting period ending: 2020-12-31

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Ongoing programs: Our Mission is “Spreading music, changing lives”. We believe that the Arts can enlighten, inspire, and transform. We believe in Universal Access to Music, Art, Culture, Education, and Community. And we believe that volunteerism is the highest form of giving back to the community. The anchor of our organization is our Heritage-site 300-seat live theatre venue. Now outfitted with a state-of-the-art sound and lighting system and presenting 120 to 200 musical events per year it offers an intimate, acoustically-excellent beautiful space for performers from local to international. Widely regarded as one of Canada’s best live venues, the Hall is a community hub for entertainment and sought after by performers. Inside it features visual art displays from local artists , promoting sales and recognition of their talent. It is also a rental facility, usually for non-profits or regional groups seeking an accommodating space for meetings, recitals, or other events. A second 300 seat location with teaching facilities is held under long-term lease; this is the centre of our children's education programs. This main hall is rentable for other presentations. A caring community takes care of and educates its children, particularly those at-risk. The El Sistema Aeolian program (now 8 years old) is part of a global movement that offers free universal access to an intensive collaborative music education program. In our leased facility we are able to offer 5 days per week of instruction to our participants through 5 orchestras, 2 mixed choirs or in-person lessons. Meals and snacks are provided. Our participants give approximately 10-20 concerts per year in various settings. We currently have 100 participants with a waiting list of 50. The COVID pandemic severely curtailed our program but we were able to teach via video-link and when permitted, in person. Our 88 Keys to Inspiration program acquires unused but usable pianos from donors which are then reconditioned and placed into homes at no charge where the means to purchase them are not available, giving joy and the opportunity to learn music to countless young people and their families. Our Pride Men's Chorus is part of a movement of LGBTQ2 Choirs in the world. Now numbering over 45 and welcoming participants of any gender identification, we sing to enlighten and help those with closed minds and hearts open up to celebrate diversity and love. Concerts were limited this year due to the pandemic.

New programs: In the midst of Covid, we were able not only to survive but to thrive. We found unique ways to offer our programs. Our Aeolian Phoenix Sessions offered work to a very diverse group of over 100 musicians through virtual concerts. A monthly membership to entitles the client to watch a minimum of 4 streamed shows per month, most recorded in the empty hall (as regulations permit) with a skeleton staff, edited and streamed online for our members. We have featured local, regional, national and international artists and focus on offering diverse programming. El Sistema Aeolian, our free after-school music program continued in virtual classrooms and in-person when possible. Virtual technology improvements, supplied through an Ontario Trillium Foundation grant enabled expanded teaching of the El Sistema music education programs to new centres which, until now were outside our traditional geographic catchment. The free Aeolian Talks series offers opportunities for theme-based community-relevant presentations of issues important to the London community. Topics included Missing and Endangered Indigenous Women. The programming focus is on innovative social and education programs and approaches to current challenges. Pride Men's Chorus London continued with virtual rehearsals and performances. We sold wine, food packages and bouquets of piano hammers to raise funds. We worked hard to access funding and in a highly competitive environment were successful in receiving 2 large grants. As a result we installed a professional recording studio at Aeolian Hall to professionally produce shows in virtual format. As we emerge from the pandemic this will add to our performance offerings and open the Hall to more production and recording opportunities. We purchased the required PPE to make our facilities safe. We were able to purchase more instruments for El Sistema Aeolian, offering to our long waiting list of families the opportunity for their children to enter the program. We note that more than half of our participants in this program are from new-comer families. Our e-newsletter, now with a weekly reach of over 10,000 took on a magazine format with in-depth articles featuring the arts, diversity and inclusion.

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