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Charitable organization

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Reporting period ending: 2018-12-31

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Ongoing programs: The Society is very active in the restoration/conservation of its railway equipment that is located at the Canada Science and Technology Museum in Ottawa. It also assists the Museum with their railway technology and continues the cosmetic restoration of the Museum's ex-Canadian National Railway steam locomotive #6200 which resides on the Museum's front lawn. The Society publishes "BRANCHLINE, Canada's Rail Newsmagazine" six times per year, which is distributed to over 1,000 members and sold at selected retail outlets. The Society also publishes "CANADIAN TRACKSIDE GUIDE" on an annual basis. The Society also irregularly publishes books on railway history. The Society has 10 meetings per year for the members and guests at which information on railways is provided. The Society maintains a website in which information on railways is provided to the public, and is active in social media. The Society can also be found at several public events during the year.

New programs: When construction of the Museum's new Collection Conservation Centre (C3) building is completed (scheduled for 2019) and track has been restored, the Society anticipates resuming offering rides on a vintage train to the public on the Museum's trackage during the summer months, and on other special occasions.

Total revenue: $73,702.00

Total expenses: $80,846.00


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