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Reporting period ending: 2018-12-31

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Ongoing programs: Purpose #1 - To promote the welfare of animals for the benefit of the public by rescuing abandoned, abused, neglected, unwanted, and surrendered Andalusian horses and operating an Andalusian horse adoption/rehoming program: -Filed a neglect complaint with the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) based on evidence and concerns from a member of the public. Detailed information is confidential but the owner is complying with the SPCA Officer. -Lobbied one of the North American Andalusian & Lusitano registries to incorporate a 'full circle' program (database with previous owners willing (..)to take the horse if s/he is ever unwanted). Purpose #2 - To advance education by providing presentations, workshops, and webinars on the subject of horse stewardship, ethical horse breeding practices, humane horse training methods, and the cultural and historical importance of the ancient Andalusian Horse: Developed an extensive and informational website ( containing PowerPoint presentations, feeding and care, Best Breeder Practices, cultural & historical significance, and much more.

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