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Reporting period ending: 2022-12-31

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Ongoing programs: TIES delivered significant and measurable benefits to students in developing countries through four projects in 2022: 1) The completed NowLight field test (which was funded directly by Viaduct Foundation through qualified donee S.H.A.R.E. Agriculture Foundation) delivered 10 human/solar powered lights and cell phone chargers to off-grid villages in Sarstun, Guatemala. The NowLights enabled students forced out of school by the COVID pandemic to complete homework remotely on tablets and submit it online. Entire households benefited, and while the impact of the NowLights is difficult to measure, it is safe to say that the students who benefited would have otherwise missed schooling completely for many months. 2) TIES provided partial funding to the CAUSE Kids Afterschool Program in Sierra Leone. Two RACHEL units, 60 tablets, and other equipment and training were funded. There were 356 students directly helped and their learning outcomes improved dramatically; math testing scores jumped from 27% to 82% and reading testing scores improved from 16% to 64%. This phase of the project is complete and TIES has recently funded the expanded CAUSE Afterschool project to benefit 1,152 students by using RACHEL technology. 3) TIES began sponsoring indigenous Mayan girls for vocational high school programs at the Ak’ Tenamit School in Sarstun, Guatemala in mid-2021. One of the five sponsorship recipients left the school for the 2022 year and was replaced, and all are doing well in their programs. One of the girls sponsored by TIES graduated in 2022 from the rural well-being stream and hopes to continue her studies at university. 4) The biggest TIES project in 2022 was the Kenya university Scholarships Pilot project that began in September, 2021. Eight young women who would have been completely unable to attend university due to financial hardship have been helped. Three of them are extremely ambitious and are using their universities’ “tri-semester” programs to attend classes through the year and are now halfway through their degrees!

New programs: No new programs in 2023.

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