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2005 Registered charity information return for YELLOWSTONE TO YUKON CONSERVATION INITIATIVE FOUNDATION

Basic information sheet


Charitable organization

Fiscal Period End:


Registration Date:


Business/ registration number:


Telephone number:


Fax number:


E-mail address:


Website address:


Contact Name and Position:


Names the charity is known by other than its registered name:


Program areas:

The three primary areas in which the charity is now carrying on programs to achieve its charitable purposes are listed below. The program areas are ranked according to the percentage of time and resources devoted to each program area.
RankDescriptionField Code% of Emphasis
1 n/an/an/a
2 n/an/an/a
3 n/an/an/a
Section A: Identification

subsection A1

Has the charity made any changes to its governing documents during the fiscal period (e.g., letters patent, articles of incorporation, constitution, trust, or by-laws)?
line number 1500

subsection A2

Was the charity an internal division regulated by the governing documents of another charity (i.e., it had no governing documents establishing its independent existence)? If yes, what is the name and business/ registration number of the other charity?
line number 1510



Business/ registration number:


subsection A3

Was the charity linked in a subordinate way to a provincial, national, or international organization? If yes, what is the name of this organization and its business/​registration number (if applicable)?
line number 1540



Business/ registration number:


subsection A4

Has the charity wound-up, dissolved, or terminated operations?
line number 1570

subsection A5

Has the charity amalgamated, merged, or consolidated with another organization?
line number 1580
Section B: Directors/​trustees and like officials

subsection B1

Has the Charity attached a list of Director/Trustees and Like Officials?
line number 1700
You can click on Directors/Trustees and Like Officials to open a new window that displays each person's name (first, middle initial and last name), position in the charity, whether or not they were a Director/​Trustee at year end and their arm's length status.
Section C: Programs and general information

subsection C1

Was the charity inactive during the fiscal period? If yes, please explain why in the "Ongoing programs" space below.
line number 1800

subsection C2

Describe how the charity carried out its charitable purposes during the fiscal period. Give detailed information so a reader can clearly understand what the charity actually did to fulfill its mandate. Describe the charity's ongoing programs and new programs in the spaces provided below. Do not attach additional sheets of paper or annual reports. Do not include a description of fundraising activities in this section. Grant-making charities should describe the types of organizations they support. Please number each program.
Ongoing programs:
New programs:

subsection C3

For programs carried on in Canada, check the appropriate box to show where the programs were carried on.
Summary of program locations inside Canada
Description of locations Line number Answer
A single rural, city, or metropolitan area 2000 n/a
Provincially or territorially 2010 n/a
In more than one province or territory 2020 n/a

subsection C4

Did the charity carry on programs, directly or indirectly, outside Canada?
line number 2100
If yes, were any carried out:
Summary of methods in which programs were conducted outside of Canada
Description of methods Line number Answer
by employees or volunteers of the charity? 2110 n/a
under agency agreement, contract, joint-venture, or similar arrangements? 2120 n/a
through gifts to qualified donees? 2130 n/a
by other means? 2140 n/a

subsection C5

For programs the charity managed directly, outside of Canada, list the countries or regions where programs were carried on. Do not include countries or regions where programs were managed by a qualified donee.

subsection C6

Did the charity issue scholarships, bursaries, awards, prizes, or honoraria to an individual during the fiscal period?
line number 2300

subsection C7

A charity may pursue political activities that are non-partisan, related to its charitable purposes, and limited in extent. During the fiscal period, did the charity carry out political activities or provide assistance to another organization to carry out political activities?
line number 2400

subsection C8

If the charity carried on fundraising activities, check all fundraising methods that it used during the fiscal period.
Summary of fundraising methods used
Description of fundraising methods Line number Answer
Advertisements/​posters/​flyers/​radio or TV commercials 2500 n/a
Auctions 2510 n/a
Bingo/​casino nights 2520 n/a
Collection plates/​boxes 2530 n/a
Door-to-door solicitation 2540 n/a
Draws/​lotteries 2550 n/a
Fundraising dinners/​galas/​concerts 2560 n/a
Fundraising sales (e.g., cookies, chocolate) 2570 n/a
Mail campaigns 2580 n/a
Planned-giving programs 2590 n/a
Targeted corporate donations/​sponsorships 2600 n/a
Targeted contacts 2610 n/a
Telephone solicitations 2620 n/a
Tournaments​/sporting events 2630 n/a
Walk-a-thons/​bike-a-thons (etc.) 2640 n/a
Other 2650 n/a
If you answered yes to line number 2650 , specify below:
line number 2660

subsection C9

Did the charity use incentive-based compensation (e.g., bonuses, commissions, finder's fees, honoraria) for fundraisers?
line number 2700
If yes, were these incentives paid to:
contracted fundraisers?
line number 2710
staff or volunteers?
line number 2720

subsection C10

Did the charity charge fees for, or otherwise receive regular revenue from goods, services, or the use of the charity's assets?
line number 2800

subsection C11

Did the charity make gifts to qualified donees?
line number 2900
If the charity answered "Yes", you can click on Gifts to Qualified Donees to open a new window that displays the name of each qualified donee and its location, Business/​registration number, the total amount of the gift for the fiscal period, the amount, if any, of specified gifts, and whether or not it is an associated charity.

subsection C12

If the charity received non-cash gifts (gifts in kind) for which it issued tax receipts, check all the types of gifts that apply.
Summary of non-cash gifts
Description of non-cash gifts Line number Answer
Artwork/​wine/​jewellery 3000 n/a
Building materials 3010 n/a
Clothing/​furniture/​food 3020 n/a
Vehicles 3030 n/a
Cultural property 3040 n/a
Ecological property 3050 n/a
Machinery/​equipment (including computers/​software) 3060 n/a
Hedge funds/​life insurance policies 3070 n/a
Publicly-traded securities/​mutual funds 3080 n/a
Privately-held securities 3090 n/a
Other 3100 n/a
If you answered yes to line number 3100 , specify below:
line number 3110
Section D: Compensation
Note: Compensation includes all forms of remuneration (e.g., salaries, fees, and honoraria) and benefits (e.g., personal use of a car or office space).

subsection D1

On average, how many permanent, full-time, compensated positions did the charity have in the fiscal period?
line number 3600

subsection D2

For the five highest compensated positions indicate the number of positions in each of the following annual compensation categories. Include only those positions that are permanent, full-time positions.
Summary of highest compensated positions
Description of compensation categories Line number Number of positions
$1 - $39,999 3700 n/a
$40,000 - $79,999 3710 n/a
$80,000 - $119,999 3720 n/a
$120,000 and over 3730 n/a

subsection D3

On average, how many part-time or part-year employees did the charity employ in the fiscal period?
line number 3800

subsection D4

What was the total expenditure on compensation for part-time or part-year employees in the fiscal period?
line number 3850

subsection D5

Did the charity compensate any of its directors/​trustees or like officials, during the fiscal period?
line number 3900

subsection D6

Except for compensation, did the charity, directly or indirectly, transfer any part of its income or assets to individuals or organizations not at arm's length to the charity?
line number 3950
Section E: Financial information

subsection E1

Was the financial information reported below prepared on an accrual or cash basis?
line number 4020

subsection E2

Figures are shown to the nearest dollar.
Summary of assets
Description of assets Line number Amount
Cash, bank accounts, and short-term investments 4100 $ 3,867
Amounts receivable from non-arm's length parties 4110 n/a
Amounts receivable from all others. 4120 $ 250
Investments in non-arm's length parties 4130 n/a
Long-term investments 4140 n/a
Inventories 4150 n/a
Capital assets (at cost or fair market value) 4160 n/a
Other assets 4170 n/a
Total assets (add lines 4100 to 4170) 4200 $ 4,117
Amount included in lines 4150, 4160, and 4170 not used in charitable programs 4250 n/a
Summary of liabilities
Description of liabilities Line number Amount
Accounts payable and accrued liabilities. 4300 n/a
Deferred revenue 4310 n/a
Amounts owing to non-arm's length parties 4320 n/a
Other liabilities 4330 n/a
Total liabilities 4350 n/a

subsection E3

Figures are shown to the nearest dollar.
Summary of revenue
Description of revenue Line number Amount
Total eligible amount of tax-receipted gifts 4500 $ 4,100
Total amount received from other registered charities 4510 n/a
Total specified gifts included in line 4510 4520 n/a
Total enduring property included in line 4510 4525 n/a
Total other gifts 4530 $ 35
Revenue from federal government 4540 n/a
Revenue from provincial/​territorial governments 4550 n/a
Revenue from municipal/​regional governments 4560 n/a
Total revenue from government
4570 n/a
Interest and investment income 4580 n/a
Proceeds from disposition of assets
4590 n/a
4600 n/a
Rental income (land and buildings) 4610 n/a
Memberships, dues, and association fees (non tax-receipted) 4620 n/a
Total revenue from fundraising 4630 n/a
Total revenue from sale of goods and services (except to government) 4640 n/a
Other revenue 4650 n/a
Total revenue 4700 $ 4,135

Enter all expenditures, whether or not on charitable programs.

Summary of expenditures
Description of expenditures Line number Amount
Advertising and promotion 4800 n/a
Travel and vehicle 4810 n/a
Interest and bank charges 4820 $ 18
Licences, memberships, and dues 4830 n/a
Office supplies and expenses 4840 n/a
Occupancy costs 4850 n/a
Professional and consulting fees 4860 n/a
Education and training for staff and volunteers 4870 n/a
Salaries, wages, benefits, and honoraria 4880 n/a
Donated and purchased supplies and assets expensed for the fiscal period 4890 n/a
Amortization of capitalized assets 4900 n/a
Research grants and scholarships as part of charitable programs 4910 n/a
Other expenditures 4920 n/a
Total expenditures before gifts to qualified donees 4950 $ 18
Total charitable programs expenditures included in line 4950 5000 n/a
Total management and administration expenditures included in line 4950 5010 $ 18
Total fundraising expenditures included in line 4950 5020 n/a
Total political activity expenditures included in line 4950 5030 n/a
Total other expenditures included in line 4950 5040 n/a
Total gifts to qualified donees, excluding enduring property 5050 n/a
Total enduring property transferred to qualified donees 5060 n/a
Total specified gifts to qualified donees 5070 n/a
Total expenditures (add lines 4950, 5050, 5060 and 5070) 5100 $ 18
Section F: Other required information

subsection F1

What were the total expenditures on programs outside Canada during the fiscal period, excluding gifts to qualified donees?
line number 5400

subsection F2

If the charity retained contracted fundraiser(s), enter:
Summary of contracted fundraisers
Description of contracted fundraisers Line number Amount
the gross revenues collected by the fundraiser(s) on behalf of the charity 5450 n/a
the amounts paid to and/​or retained by the fundraiser(s) 5460 n/a
the net fundraising revenue received by the charity (line 5450 minus line 5460) 5470 n/a

subsection F3

If the charity has written permission to accumulate property, enter:
Summary of accumulated property
Description of accumulated property Line number Amount
the amount accumulated for the fiscal period, including income earned for the fiscal period on previously accumulated funds 5500 n/a
the amount disbursed for the fiscal period for the specified purpose we have granted permission for 5510 n/a
the amount deemed to be a tax-receipted gift for the fiscal period. 5520 n/a

subsection F4

Of the tax-receipted gifts received by the charity for the fiscal period, enter:
Summary of tax-receipted gifts
Description of tax-receipted gifts Line number Amount
the total eligible amount of tax-receipted non-cash gifts (gifts in kind) 5600 n/a
the total eligible amount of tax-receipted tuition fees 5610 n/a
the total eligible amount of tax-receipted enduring property 5640 n/a

subsection F5

Enter the amount, if any, of enduring property spent in the fiscal period.
line number 5710

subsection F6

Enter the capital gains from the disposition of enduring property in the fiscal period.
line number 5720

subsection F7

Is the charity claiming an amount that is less than the maximum capital gains reduction?
line number 5730
If yes, enter the amount from line 11 of from T1259.
line number 5740

subsection F8

If the charity is taking a special reduction, which we have approved, to its disbursement quota, enter the special reduction amount for the fiscal period.
line number 5750

subsection F9

Did the charity acquire a non-qualifying security or allow a donor to use any of the charity's property under the circumstances described in the guide during the fiscal period?
line number 5800

subsection F10

Indicate the average value of property not used for charitable activities or administration during:
the 24 months before the beginning of the fiscal period
line number 5900
the 24 months before the end of the fiscal period
line number 5910
Section G: For foundations only

subsection G1

In the fiscal period, did the foundation acquire control of a share-capital or for-profit corporation?
line number 6000

subsection G2

Did the foundation incur debts at any time during the fiscal period other than for current operating expenses, in purchasing or selling investments, or in administering charitable programs?
line number 6100

subsection G3

For private foundations only: At any time during the fiscal period, did the foundation hold any shares, rights to acquire such shares, or debts owing to it that meet the definition of a non-qualified investment.
line number 6150

subsection G4

Excess Corporate Holdings For Private Foundations: Did the foundation own more than 2% of any class of shares of a corporation at any time during this fiscal period?
line number 6155
If at any time during its fiscal period the foundation's corporate holdings percentage of one or more classes of shares of a corporation exceeded 2% of the issued and outstanding shares you can click on Excess Corporate Holdings to open a new window that will display the name of each corporation and the corporate holdings percentage.

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