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Charitable organization

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Reporting period ending:  2017-07-31

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Ongoing programs: Tribute to Liberty continues to raise needed funds for the memorial to be constructed, by updating and informing affected communities, organizations and interested individuals in the general public via website, quarterly newsletter, social media and personal contact. Tribute to Liberty works with project manager, Canadian Heritage, in moving project closer towards realization and completion.

New programs:


Pie-Chart of Revenues. Details in the following list.
  • Receipted donations $47,695 (39%)
  • Non-receipted donations $15,178 (12%)
  • Gifts from other charities $3,650 (3%)
  • Government funding $52,473 (43%)
  • All other revenue $3,312 (3%)
  • Total revenue: $122,308


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  • Total compensation for all positions
  • Full-time employees
  • Part-time employees
  • Professional and consulting fees
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