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Reporting period ending:  2017-12-31

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Ongoing programs: Through the delivery of the Veterans Transition Program (VTP), the VTN offers unique services across Canada for Canadian Forces and REMP veterans in transition. The VTP is Canada's first group-based program for veterans transitioning from military to civilian life. In each program, participants spend roughly 100 hours over 3 weekends living with and helping each other to identify and overcome barriers that hinder their transition. Sessions take place in a completely confidential environment facilitated byclinicians and paraprofessionals. The VTP focuses on the transition process, build skills for self-regulation and communication, and provide strategies for coping with traumatic incidents that may have occurred during the course of their service in the military. Supported by 20 years of university research, these programs have helped over 850 veterans across Canada to reconnect emotionally with their families and communities and transition into a successful and productive civilian life.

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  • Receipted donations $289,260 (17%)
  • Non-receipted donations (0%)
  • Gifts from other charities $985,964 (57%)
  • Government funding $435,000 (25%)
  • All other revenue $14,937 (1%)
  • Total revenue: $1,725,161


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$40,000 - $79,999
Less than $40,000

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