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Disclaimer — Web Forms

Terms of use

To proceed with filing your electronic information return via Web Forms, please read the following terms of use. To indicate your agreement to be bound by the terms of use, click on I agree at the bottom of the page.

Online check list

Please note that your secure filing session will expire after 35 minutes of inactivity.

Web Forms navigation

Note: Once you have entered the Web Forms secure Website, clicking your browser's "Back" button may cause an end to your Web Forms secure session. This may result in a loss of all data and the need to re-start your session. If you need to make changes to any slips you have completed in the Web Forms secure Web site, please click on the "Return to Slip Management page" button at any point prior to submitting your return.

File format NEW

Starting October 2022, Web Forms will allow you to save as an encrypted .xml file. Previously saved .wbf files can be imported until May 2023 and will no longer be accepted afterwards. The new .xml file will allow you to save your incomplete returns and import them back into Web Forms to continue with later or use the submitted return to file amendments or next year's return.

Note: Previously saved .wbf files saved before May 2018 cannot be imported into Web Forms.

Confidentiality and security

We use sophisticated security techniques to protect our Internet filing Web site. You're responsible for ensuring that your own computer is secure. To access our electronic filing services, you have to provide us with two pieces of information. These make up your electronic authentication.

Make sure that you keep each piece of information confidential so that others cannot use your electronic authentication.

While the CRA has taken all reasonable efforts to ensure the security of information in transit to the CRA, it is not liable for any damages that may arise as the result of interception, loss, theft or other action or difficulty. After you complete a secure transaction, you should clear the browser cache. Information stored in the browser cache isn't encrypted. By clearing it, you help to ensure that others can't compromise your data.

Hyperlinks are not endorsements

Links to other Web sites or references on this Web site to products, services or publications other than those of the CRA are provided solely for the convenience of CRA Web site users. The CRA does not endorse or warrant these companies or their products or services.

Privacy notice statement

The information you provide is collected under the authority of the Income Tax Act for the purpose of secure transmission of electronic information returns via the Internet. The information will be retained in Personal Information Bank(s) CRA PPU 150, "Information Returns (INFODEC) Data Bank" and will be used and disclosed in accordance with the conditions listed therein. Under the provisions of the Privacy Act, individuals have the right to protection of, and access to, their personal information. For more information about your rights, see InfoSource. This is a Government of Canada publication available in major libraries, at government information offices, and from constituency offices of federal Members of Parliament. Questions or comments about this privacy policy or our administration of the Privacy Act may be directed to the Access to Information and Privacy Division by email at If you are not satisfied that we have adequately respected your privacy, you can contact the Office of the Privacy Commissioner on the Internet or by calling 1-800-282-1376.

A word of caution about shared technology

If you are using a shared computer or working from a public place (such as a library), please ensure that you log out once you have completed your session so that no protected data is accessible to subsequent users.
You must also be cautious about saving any information on the hard drive such as a .wbf file, which would also become accessible to other users.
Please ensure that you delete any outstanding print jobs when you conclude your session so that no confidential information can subsequently be printed and be made available to other persons.

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