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Reporting period ending: 2022-12-31

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Ongoing programs: Despite the Fashion History Museum (FHM) remaining closed to the public until December 2021 due to Covid-19 restrictions, the museum continued to be of service for enquiries and consultation to colleagues, the general public, researchers, historians, and media. Conservation and research at a deeper level of the museum's holdings continued especially with interns mentored to develop skills and continue inputting data and details of holdings in the FHM Research Centre and in reorganizing collection storage. Exhibitions were developed and mounted ready for reopening to the public the last weekend of November 2021 in a members preview and joint community promotion of tourism and Covid Recovery within the Region of Waterloo in conjunction with THEMUSEUM's blockbuster 'UNZIPPED' the only Canadian stop for an exhibition on the musical group The Rolling Stones. Cross promotion of the FHM's 'Frock' On: 100 years of Youth, Fashion and Music' with 'UNZIPPED' encouraged a reboot of local tourism and the welcoming back of visitors to the Region. With a redesigned gallery space, other reopening exhibitions included '300 Years of Fashion: 1720 - 2020', 'Fibre to Fashion', 'Specs Appeal, A History of Eyewear from the Regency to Today' and 'Portraits of Mali' featuring the work of two mid-century photographers capturing the fashions during the period of transitioning to independence taken from portfolios in the FHM's Research Centre produced by the Cartier Foundation. A part of the 300 Years of Fashion exhibition included the 2020 to 2022 additions to the 'History in the Making: Contemporary Canadian Design' collection representing pieces added to the Legacy Collection from Toronto's Spencer Badu of gender-fluid clothing and a Covid-19 response face mask by Toronto's duo team of Haux Couture, and the newest additions of Toronto Maple Leaf hockey jerseys designed by Justin Bieber and a dress by Smythe from a collaboration with mixed Indigenous textile artist Kathleen Webb a James Bay Cree.

New programs: The FHM was successful in securing grants and subsidies to renovate the public space of the museum in response to Covid-19 health protocols, increased accessibility to those with physical challenges and redesign and expansion of galleries. Almost 20% increase of display space enabled the museum to better serve and engage with visitors into the future. A demand for increased digital capacity saw the Board of Directors and staff collaborate on researching and developing ideas to consider in future years and to increase access to the museum and its' collections. This initiated several grant applications as the catalyst for further development and one provincial grant received in November 2021 enabled the FHM to hire its' first Community Outreach and Programming position. The foundation developed for a seniors outreach program and a program for those with dementia will launched in 2022 with planned integration to a digital component to broaden the museum's offerings and reach those unable to visit the FHM in person. 2022 also saw the successful launch of the FHM Fashion Book Club meeting on-line monthly to explore historical fiction and other fashion related biographies. The monthly meetings have attracted an international audience and keen interest in exploring fashion history. To expand the inspiration of design, a series of digital interviews were produced with historical re-enactors, costumers and upcycling and wearable fashion artists.

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