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832411094 RR 0001
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Charitable organization

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Reporting period ending: 2018-12-31

Programs and activities:

Ongoing programs: The organization partners long-term with local communities, churches, organizations and schools in Latin America to provide children living in poverty with a quality education in a Christian setting. Our approach includes education scholarships, teacher training, building and repairing schools, and providing social programing for the families. The organization advances education and disseminates information to the general public in Canada, and elsewhere, on the Christian response to issues related to poverty and its effects on families, children and communities through events, media, publications and programing.

New programs: Nicaragua: In 2018 we started renovations of the Sendero de Luz School in Ciudad Sandino, expanded the Martin Luther King School in El Canyon with additional classrooms and improved the infrastructure of the Bethel School in San Benito. Honduras: In 2018 we expanded the White Dove School in Chamelecon with additional classrooms. Paraguay: In 2018 we expanded the Sinai School in San Lorenzo with additional classrooms.

Operations Outside Canada

3 countries
  • Other countries in Central and South America

Total revenue: $889,169.00

Total expenses: $633,708.00


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Compensated full-time positions:
$1 to $39,999
$40,000 to $79,999

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