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741211924 RR 0001
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Charitable organization

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Reporting period ending: 2022-08-30

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Ongoing programs: Purposes To educate children and youths of the Jewish faith about their faith, heritage, and homeland by establishing and operating campsand educational programs in the Hebrew language. Activities Tzofim - Shevet Hermon Inc. ("Tzofim") will hold weekly activities every Sunday between September and June for children andyouths in grades 3 to 9, as well as ceremonies throughout the year to celebrate the Jewish holidays. The counsellors are in grades 10 to 12 and have a weekly meeting in order to prepare for the activities. In addition, camps and leadership seminars will be held throughout the year. In the winter, Tzofim will hold aweekend retreat in which children and youths will participate in outdoor activities in the spirit of the Israeli Scouts. In the spring, Tzofim will hold a weekendretreat for counsellors.

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Total revenue: $225,190.00


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