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821670155 RR 0001
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Charitable organization

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Reporting period ending: 2022-12-31

Programs and activities:

Ongoing programs: Directly supported patients and caregivers through cross country patient education meetings and peer support programs. Provide information and support to Canadian kidney cancer patients and caregivers through on-line information, small group virtual sessions, interactive education sessions (virtual), one-to-one Peer Support and National Patient Forums. Expanded monthly virtual outreach ‘Coffee-Chat’ program for patients and caregivers. Continued education through the "ask our expert" on-line videos. Funded research projects and trainees through the Kidney Cancer Research Network of Canada. Advocating for patient access to take home cancer treatment. Continued collaboration with other charitable organizations to address multi-level health concerns of the patient population and Peer Support Training. (Kidney Assoc. Canada). Continued collaboration with industry and health care professionals in education sessions. (Cancertainty, ELLICSR Kitchen, FQC, International Kidney Cancer Coalition, Canadian Urological Association, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, KidneyCan (U.S.), National Kidney Foundation (U.S.). Introduced new sessions to support the ‘whole patient’ (physical, mental and mindfulness). Creation of new segments of the Video Knowledge Library – English and French. Health professional outreach and education programs: Shared Decision Making – Including the Patient Voice. New collaboration with industry and health care professionals in education sessions. (Fondation Québécoise du Cancer, Cancer PEP). Active participation in Canadian research programs. Patient volunteer recruitment. Participating in patient and clinician submissions to government health agencies on new systemic treatments for kidney cancer patients. Participating in global kidney cancer education and advocacy events. (International Kidney Cancer Coalition IKCC, Global Pharma Education programs).

New programs: Return to in-person Coffee Chats in major cities when attending events. CancerPEP – Cancer Patient Engagement Program – clinical trial research Virtual education sessions for health care providers, medical students, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Saskatchewan Cancer Agency.

Total revenue: $761,900.00

Total expenses: $728,214.00


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$40,000 to $79,999
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