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826644163 RR 0001
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Charitable organization

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Reporting period ending: 2020-03-31

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Ongoing programs: Ongoing program - Working Gear Community Shop- Working Gear provides work related clothing and footwear free of charge to men re-entering the workforce from a shop located in the Downtown East Side of Vancouver. The Shop is staffed with volunteers and a contracted coordinator and is open three days a week. Many of these low income men have been unemployed for long periods and lack the finances to afford the clothing needed to find a job. We provide good quality used or new clothing, including suits, business casual attire as well as construction appropriate clothing and steel toed work boots. Our customers are currently unemployed, ready to work, and get referred to us through community agencies that assist the unemployed. We do not provide our services to unemployed men without a referral from a community agency.

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Total revenue: $205,592.00

Total expenses: $173,413.00


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